Holiday Gifting for Employees 🎁

Holiday Gifting for Employees 🎁

The good, the bad, and the “No I will not be forwarding that to your new address.”

TLDR: The holiday season is around the corner, meaning, employee gifts are top of mind. With the disasters of shipping and not having enough inventory to send out to employees, more companies are opting to give employees experiences instead of physical gifts this year.

  • Some tools to leverage making employee gifting and recognition as easy as possible (even in different countries) are Snappy, Kirby, Sendoso, BlueBoard, and  
  • Office Libations is HIGHLY recommended for their ability to customize and personalize gift packages, with amazing customer service
  • For some companies, sending out physical gifts can be a nightmare (especially with employees' address constantly changing right now). The biggest learnings for culture leaders are:
  • Items in North America vs. items on the other side of the world are different, in terms of products offered and costs associated with these products. 
  • You may be opening your inbox up to complaints about the different gifts some employees get over others. 
  •  Many teams have found that due to COVID, certain gift items are unavailable for purchase as production has shut down due to the pandemic and shipping can be extremely unpredictable in different countries.
  • For anyone who hasn’t started on holiday gifts...time is of the essence (maybe start now!)! Reach out to people, leverage your vendors as soon as possible because everyone is going to start doing the same thing very soon. 
  • An alternative to the regular holiday gifts is gifting employee’s experiences. This completely eliminates the need for shipping physical gifts, while providing the autonomy for employees to choose which gift they want. Try using resources like AirBnb Experiences

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