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Happy Hour Themes⏰ 🎉

Happy Hour Themes⏰ 🎉

One way to ensure your workplace maintains a positive and friendly environment is to set up Happy Hour events for your employees! Not only will these Happy Hour events keep your workplace positive and friendly, but it could also help employees build stronger relationships, drive employee productivity, and gives employees a time to sit and relax.

To get started on planning Happy Hour events for your team in the near future, here is a list of Hybrid-friendly themes that you can look into 🥳 :

Seasonal 🗓

  • Creative Snow Sculpting (Winter)
  • Potting Pretty Plants (Spring)
  • Beach Party (Summer)
  • Pumpkin Patch Picking (Fall) 
  • And more..

Holidays 🎉

  • New Year’s Party
  • Lunar New Year’s
  • Valentines Day Party
  • Employee Appreciation Day
  • St. Patrick's Day
  • Halloween 
  • Thanksgiving 
  • Christmas
  • And more…

Dancing Decades 💃

  • Hippie Party (1960’s-Themed Party)
  • Disco Party (1970’s-Themed Party)
  • Hair Band Party (1980’s-Themed Party)
  • Boy Band Party (2000’s-Themed Party)
  • And more…

Game Nights 🎮

Food and Drinks 🍛🥂

  • Team Cook-Off
  • Baking Sweets
  • Wine/Cocktail tasting
  • Team Coffee Tasting 
  • Potluck Party
  • And more…

Movie Marathons 🍿

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