Global Reach for Company-Wide Events with Epoch

Global Reach for Company-Wide Events with Epoch

We’re excited to share key takeaways from our Epoch Live Webinar. This session was about gaining global reach for company-wide events! Epoch Live is a monthly online event where Keith Choy, COO and co-founder of Epoch talks about the latest trends in Employee Experience and demonstrates an overview of the Epoch platform. 

In case you missed this one, read more below! 

Tips & tricks for global reach

Planning a successful global event requires careful consideration and preparation. Keith shared key strategies for planning and executing global events that resonate with your audience and deliver value. 

Understanding your audience: Understanding your audience is crucial when planning a global event. Start by getting a grasp of your audience’s demographics. Knowing their cultural and linguistic background allows you to tailor your content in a way that resonates with them. Additionally, consider time zones to determine the best time for the majority of participants across different regions. This ensures that your content is accessible and convenient for everyone invited.

Engaging content: Keep your audience engaged throughout your event, by focusing on providing relevant and valuable content. Choose topics that resonate with the interests and challenges of your global audience. Incorporating interactive elements can also enhance engagement. Consider adding quizzes, polls, and discussions to make your event more interactive and enjoyable for the participants.

Clear communication: Clear communication is key to the success of any global event. Provide attendees with clear instructions, detailed agendas, and technical requirements well in advance. This helps avoid confusion and ensures that participants are well-prepared for this event. Clear communication also fosters a positive experience for attendees, making them more likely to engage with the event and participate in future events, as well as provide feedback.. 

Feedback and evaluation: After your event, gather feedback from participants to evaluate its success. Analyze attendance rates, engagement levels, and feedback collected through polls and surveys. This information provides valuable insights into what worked well and what areas need improvement for future events. Use this feedback to refine your approach and make your next global event even better.

Mastering global event scheduling

Recognizing the challenges posed by participants spread across different time zones, Keith emphasized the importance of finding a time that accommodates everyone. He often assesses the significance of the event to determine if it warrants a single, synchronized timing or if multiple sessions could be organized to ensure global reach without compromising the event’s impact. This approach showcases Keith’s commitment to inclusivity and his strategic considerations in planning international events/events across multiple time zones. Check out the graphic below for a cheat sheet that simplifies the process of scheduling events on a global scale.

Leveraging AI for timezone scheduling

Keith discussed leveraging AI for timezone scheduling in global events. Keith provided tailored scheduling solutions to accommodate teammates with children, young professionals without children, teams with pets at home, and much more. His approach streamlines event planning, making it more convenient and enhancing his employee experience.

Using Epoch to enhance global event planning

Discover events in your office: Many employees are on the go - they can search for events hosted by the current office they’re in to find what’s relevant to them on Epoch’s centralized landing page. 

Set up hybrid events: When creating your event, add both virtual and in-person locations to create an inclusive experience for all of your employees. 

Choose optimal time zones: When creating your event, select the time zone that optimizes attendance for the majority of participants across different regions using Epoch. 

Streamline communications: Send promotional blasts to channels for different regions and locations all at once. Have your messaging consistent, efficient, and centralized with Epoch.

Engagement reports for hybrid events: Timely engagement reports are extremely important to review after events to understand the sentiment and impact. Ensure that leadership and the overall company understand the importance of these events by receiving engagement metrics and an event breakdown using Epoch.

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