Fun Holiday Team Events 🙌

Fun Holiday Team Events 🙌

With the holiday season approaching, now is the time to connect with your team and have some holiday fun! Here are some festive-themed event ideas to get everyone in the holiday spirit. These events can be done in-person, hybrid or remotely.

Treat making class 🍪

Bring everyone together and make some sweet treats for the holidays! First, choose a treat the team can enjoy such as festive cookies, a holiday cake, or even some gingerbread houses. Having your employees come together for a fun culinary event can be great for building engagement and enthusiasm among your team. For example, Offsyte hosts a great cookie decorating class.

Holiday trivia 🤔

Test the team’s holiday spirit with a festive trivia event! Pick the categories and questions surrounding facts and popular culture during the holidays. Choose the number of questions and teams as well as if there will be a prize to play for. 

Working together to find solutions is a fantastic way to get your employees in a team-oriented mindset. This can be a big help when tackling larger group projects when everyone is back at the office. Here is a way you can host a trivia night.

Festive crafts 🌟

Get in touch with your creative side and make some holiday crafts with the team! You could make festive paper crafts such as origami, holiday decorations to put up around the house or office, or personalized ornaments to hang from the tree. Be sure to decide on whether or not these crafts are individually or company provided. Unlocking the creative side is a great way to increase engagement. With everyone’s personalized decoration visible to all, people can connect their contributions with the atmosphere of the work space. An example would be winter cup cake decorating.

Holiday gift exchange 🎁

Spread the festive cheer around the office with a gift exchange event! You could do a company-based exchange where gifts are provided by the organization, or a secret santa with names exchanged between team members. Either way, it is important to establish a spending limit to make sure everyone is on the same page for gift expectations. No matter how much you spend, be sure to show your employees that you care with your holiday gifts. 

Holiday classic movie night 🎥

One of the best ways to get in the festive mood is to watch a holiday movie! This can be done in-person or remotely, and employees can include their loved ones. A few classics include Home Alone (1, 2, 3, or 4), A Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolph the Reindeer, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Elf, or many more. Whether or not the movie choice will be put up to a poll or if there will be snacks is up to you. Sending an Uber Eats giftcard to each participant, if remote, can be a nice touch. 

Eggnog happy hour 🥳

Let the holiday cheer flow with a festive happy hour! Host a taste testing event with different festive drinks, like eggnog, mulled wine, hot apple cider, have a mixology class where everyone can share what they learned, or just enjoy some drinks with the team. Be sure to prepare how many ingredients you need as well as bringing non-alcoholic alternatives.

Letting loose can be very essential in creating an environment where your employees can feel at ease. A happy hour event is a great way to bring this fun atmosphere and make your employees feel more like friends. Here are some tips to set up your festive happy hour

Holiday gatherings ❄️

Celebrate the holidays by gathering everyone together. Whether it's a movie, game night, or dinner, get everyone together for a fun time. Friends, and coworkers are important to keep you warm during the holidays.

During the holiday season, it is important to give back to employees to give them a sense of meaning and purpose. The Epoch community helps share ideas on gifting, activities, and which vendors to use. Join our community today to be part of the conversation! 

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