ERG and Affinity Group Events Made Simple with Epoch

ERG and Affinity Group Events Made Simple with Epoch

We’re excited to share about our Epoch Live Webinar Series! This is a monthly online event where Keith Choy, COO of Epoch talks about the latest trends in Employee Experience and demonstrates an overview of the Epoch platform. 

This session explored the essential strategies for building and supporting Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and affinity groups. In case you missed this one, read more below! 

Creating and developing ERG charters

Keith kicked off the discussion by emphasizing the importance of ERG charters. He outlined six key elements for developing effective ERG charters:

Purpose: Define the core mission of the ERG

  • The purpose sets the foundational reason for the ERG's existence. It's about creating a safe space where employees can bring their authentic selves to work. For example, at Epoch, ERGs aim to foster an inclusive and welcoming environment where everyone feels comfortable and valued.

Goals: Set clear, achievable objectives

  • Goals give the ERG direction and measurable targets. These can include increasing employee engagement and retention and driving business innovation through diverse perspectives. Goals should align with broader business objectives to demonstrate the value of ERGs within the organization.

Structure: Establish a robust framework for the group

  • A well-defined structure is crucial for the efficient operation of ERGs. This includes designating roles such as executive sponsors, ERG leads, and committee chairs. Clear role definitions help in organizing tasks and ensuring that ERG activities run smoothly without overwhelming the volunteers who usually manage these groups.

Membership Principles: Clarify who can join

  • Membership principles ensure clarity on who can join the ERG. For instance, in a Pride group, both members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies are welcome. Defining these principles helps maintain the group's focus and ensures that it remains open and welcoming to all interested employees.

Activities: Plan engaging and relevant events

  • Activities are the heart of ERGs. These should be thoughtfully planned to align with the group's purpose and goals. Events can range from educational workshops and social gatherings to advocacy campaigns. For example, during Pride Month, many ERGs organize events to celebrate and educate about LGBTQ+ issues, but activities should continue throughout the year to maintain engagement.

Governance: Implement mechanisms to track and measure success

  • Governance involves setting up processes to evaluate the effectiveness of the ERG. This includes tracking participation, collecting feedback, and measuring the impact of activities on employee engagement and inclusion. Regular assessments help in refining the ERG's approach and demonstrating its value to the broader organization.

Supporting each other

Keith shared strategies for how ERGs can support each other, emphasizing the importance of monthly stand-ups and close correspondence with executive sponsors. He highlighted the benefits of resource sharing and collaborative event planning, using examples like a Pride Month event featuring an Asian-American drag queen, which bridged celebrations from AAPI month to Pride Month.

Championing diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB)

The role of co-founders and executives in supporting a culture of DEIB is crucial.  Leaders should place importance on providing sufficient resources, budgets, and showcasing the business value of diverse perspectives.

Simplifying event hosting with Epoch

Epoch simplifies ERG event management by automating many manual workflows. Key features include:

  • Seamless integration: Create and manage ERG teams and events directly on Epoch, with integration across Slack, Teams, and email.
  • Automated membership management: New members are automatically added to relevant Slack channels.
  • Centralized registration: Manage all registrations and communications in one place.
  • Data collection and impact measurement: Use AI functionality to collect and analyze data, ensuring your ERG initiatives are effective.

Upcoming features

Angie, Product and Design Lead at Epoch, provided a sneak peek into exciting new features in development:

  • Community section: A new area where employees can browse and join different ERGs and community groups.
  • Custom pages: Create personalized pages for each ERG with descriptions, events, and Slack channel integrations.
  • Analytics and insights: Track membership trends, event attendance, and feedback to measure the success of your ERGs.

Take your ERGs and affinity groups to the next level with Epoch

Epoch's platform is designed to streamline and enhance ERG and affinity group event management. With features that allow easy creation, distribution, and tracking of events, Epoch helps companies deliver personalized experiences at scale. Epoch supports embedding interactive content, automating reminders for events, and generating insightful analytics that help HR teams measure and improve their engagement processes.

By utilizing Epoch, companies can ensure their ERG event management process is not only efficient but also engaging and responsive to the needs of employees. This approach speeds up the planning process and enhances the overall employee experience, leading to better participation rates and more successful team integration.

For more information on how Epoch can transform your ERG event management, book a demo today!

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