Epoch Webinars: Epoch Live - In-Person Check-In

Epoch Webinars: Epoch Live - In-Person Check-In

We are back with our Epoch Live Webinar Series! 🎉 It is a monthly webinar series where Jade Choy, Epoch's CEO, and Keith Choy, Epoch’s COO guide you through the latest trends in the Employee Experience space and demonstrate how you can harness Epoch’s full potential.

In case you missed it, here are some key learnings and takeaways from this week’s  Epoch Live. View the full recording here. Scroll on for notes! 👇

New feature: in-person check-in

At Epoch, we reimagined the way we want employees to attend upcoming events. Whether hosting offsites, all-hands, or fun employee events like karaoke, in-person check-in allows teams to get attendance data in real-time for hybrid and in-person events. 

There are 2 types of check-in available on the Epoch event dashboard: admin check-in and self check-in. 

Admin check-in

Admin check-in is best for events that have dedicated event hosts at the door to verify guests' attendance. As employees walk through the door, admins can check them in and get real-time data. 

This feature could be particularly useful for an offsite where verifying attendance for reporting and budgeting is important. For example, for knowing how much food to order, etc. 

Self check-in

Self check-in is best for events that need a lightweight way to track attendance, or where admins wouldn't be present or available to check in guests. For example, you could use this feature for a casual happy hour where you'd like rough numbers for who showed up.

Attendees can check themselves in through an automated Slack and email message and they can get recorded right into the event. 

Important features

  • The ability to see who checks themselves in, and who is checked in by an admin
  • For hybrid events, the ability to see who attended IRL vs. who attended through Zoom
  • The ability to download a CSV post-event where all attendance data will be in one place
  • The ability to check-in employees who didn't RSVP to the event
  • Multiple admins can check in guests at once
  • Ability to update check-in data after the event is over

Putting it all together on Epoch

With Epoch, employees spend less time dealing with a web of software tools, manual processes, and endless back-and-forth communication. Set up events and programs in a few easy steps, streamline all your communications and scheduling, and measure impact with reporting and analytics. 

Increase productivity and connection among employees through company culture with Epoch. Use Epoch to plan and organize all your onboarding needs! Curious to learn more? Book a demo today!

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