Epoch Webinars: Epoch Live - Employee Programs in an Instant

Epoch Webinars: Epoch Live - Employee Programs in an Instant

We are back with our Epoch Live Webinar Series! 🎉 It is a monthly webinar series where Jade Choy, Epoch's CEO, and Keith Choy, Epoch’s COO guide you through the latest trends in the Employee Experience space and demonstrate how you can harness Epoch’s full potential.

In case you missed it, here are some key learnings and takeaways from this week’s  Epoch Live. View the full recording here. Scroll on for notes! 👇

How Epoch facilitates company events 

Epoch is an employee experience platform used by companies like Reddit, Asana, and DataDog for internal events such as monthly townhalls, offsites, onsites, and happy hours. Teams can have a centralized view on what events are happening across the board. With Slack and Calendar integration, Epoch offers seamless communication about events to ensure optimal employee engagement. Here is how Epoch works: 

Epoch dashboard

The Epoch Dashboard helps employees stay informed about upcoming events and understand what is available to them. This centralized hub allows employees to toggle between event types, locations, and dates, providing a comprehensive overview of the events happening within their organization. By having all the information in one place, employees can easily plan their participation and ensure they don't miss out on any important events.

Integration with Slack and Calendar

Understanding the challenges of tool fatigue, Epoch has seamlessly integrated into Slack and Calendar. Employees can pre-schedule event announcements across different Slack channels, ensuring targeted communication to specific audiences within the company. 

Viewing Epoch events

Epoch allows employees to see who else is attending an event. This feature becomes particularly valuable in a hybrid or remote work environment where physical interactions may be limited. Employees can confirm their attendance and receive Slack and email reminders, ensuring they stay connected and engaged throughout the vents. 

Epoch Slack app

Epoch Slack App allows companies to communicate with their employees. With Epoch, you can pre-schedule event announcements across various Slack channels, ensuring that your messages reach the right audience. The app also enables employees to confirm their attendance and fill out pre-event surveys and questionnaires directly within Slack. Furthermore, once registered, events are automatically synced to employees' calendars, ensuring they never miss an event. Epoch also has a personal app integrated into Slack, which sends confirmation and reminder messages directly within the platform. After an event, the app allows companies to gather feedback from employees through tailored feedback forms.

Epoch Calendar integration

Epoch's calendar integration works in two ways. First, it allows companies to invite employees to events, similar to a calendar hold. This allows event organizers to see who has confirmed their attendance. Additionally, the calendar integration is connected to the Epoch app, so if an employee decides to unregister from an event, they will be automatically removed from the registrant list. Second, when employees receive a calendar invite, whether through the Epoch dashboard or Slack, it will automatically appear on their calendar.

Creating Epoch events

Epoch admins have access to the back-end of events, enabling them to seamlessly create and manage events. Admins have a holistic view of events to ensure that company events do not overlap. The event creation process allows admins to provide details such as the title, description, date/time, event type, and cover photo. Admins can invite guests through Calendar and Slack, and can view who is actually showing up through Epoch’s check-in feature. Epoch allows admins to send registration and feedback forms with customizable templates, and an infinite amount of Slack and email reminders.


Pre-scheduling Slack Communications

With the Epoch Slack App, companies can pre-schedule their communications. The app provides a dashboard view of all the upcoming and recently sent communications from team members. Users can choose the event they want to communicate and select the specific Slack channel to send it to. They have the flexibility to schedule multiple events across multiple channels and decide when they want the messages to be sent. Once scheduled, the app will automatically send the messages into the designated Slack channels.

Sample engagement reports

With Epoch, admis can generate regular reports (e.g. weekly, bi-weekly, and however often needed) that help them understand engagement levels for recent events. Some data sets and trends include:

  • What is participation overall?
  • Which teams are most and least involved
  • What are tech vs. non-tech folk interests?
  • What type of events are seeing the most engagement? What's the feedback?
  • What are the volume of events (location, timezone, groups, event types)?

Building a story behind data can be challenging, these are some ways to present data to be more actionable for teams across your company, and Epoch’s Customer Success team will be there to help craft a story with your events data.

Putting it all together on Epoch

With Epoch, employees spend less time dealing with a web of software tools, manual processes, and endless back-and-forth communication. Set up events and programs in a few easy steps, streamline all your communications and scheduling, and measure impact with reporting and analytics. 

Increase productivity and connection among employees through company culture with Epoch. Use Epoch to plan and organize all your onboarding needs! Curious to learn more? Book a demo today!

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