Elevate your onboarding strategy with Epoch 🌟

Elevate your onboarding strategy with Epoch 🌟

With Epoch's multi-session events feature, onboarding just got a whole lot easier! Now, users can set up a seamless and comprehensive multi-level onboarding experience in just a few steps. Read on for some quick tips to get you started and how this feature will assist you with future onboarding events! 

P.S. Keep reading for some onboarding best practices that will inspire new hires and set them up for success in their new roles!

Set up your sessions in Epoch

With Epoch's multi-session event feature, companies can easily set up a series of onboarding sessions tailored to different aspects of the new hire process. These sessions can cover anything from company culture and values to job-specific training.

Using Epoch, onboarding teams can schedule these sessions in advance, ensuring new hires have a clear roadmap for their onboarding journey.

See all data in one place

With Epoch, all onboarding data is centralized making it easy for onboarding teams to track progress and get a comprehensive overview of information across all sessions.

Teams can monitor event attendance including who has confirmed into the event, the number of participants, and the specific time and location for each session. Onboarding teams can also add new sessions to the training program at any time and any current participants will be automatically added to them.

Get one-click confirmations

When sending a Slack announcement for your onboarding program, new hires can RSVP to all sessions with one click.

On the Discover page, the multi-session onboarding series will have a badge showing it includes multiple sessions and the total number of sessions. By selecting the event page, new hires will find a complete overview of each session, including the title, description, date and time, and location details.

If a new hire has a scheduling conflict and needs to cancel their attendance in any session, they can do so directly on the event page or through Google Calendar. If their schedule changes, they can easily rejoin a session. 

Onboarding best practices 🌟

Being a new hire can be challenging. That’s why creating a seamless onboarding process is essential. A well-planned onboarding experience helps new employees feel welcomed, supported, and confident in their new roles. Here are some tips to get you started.

Personalize the experience 🎯

Customizing the onboarding experience can take a good training session to a great one. Meet with each new hire to understand their goals and needs and make an effort to form a personal connection. This helps new hires feel valued and supported from the beginning. 

Consider the different learning styles of each new hire to optimize the onboarding process. By leveraging Epoch, you can customize the onboarding journey with various formats to ensure new hires receive the support and resources they need. 

Gather feedback 📝

Regularly collect feedback from new hires to understand their experience and identify areas for improvement. Epoch's built-in feedback tool enables your onboarding teams to continuously refine and improve the onboarding process.

Provide resources and communicate expectations 📚 

Clearly outline goals, responsibilities, and performance metrics for new hires. This sets clear expectations and helps them integrate into their role more smoothly. Additionally, ensure new hires have easy access to important documents, training materials, and contacts they may need during their onboarding journey. 

Epoch offers a central dashboard to effectively communicate all your information, ensuring a cohesive onboarding experience.

By utilizing Epoch's multi-session event feature and incorporating these best practices, you can streamline and enhance your company’s onboarding process. Experiment with the various tools and options available to create an efficient, engaging experience for your new hires. 

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