Earth Day Activities for Companies 🌎 ♻️

Earth Day Activities for Companies 🌎 ♻️

On April 22, 2022, everyone will be celebrating Earth Day around the globe! On this day, we recognize the damage that our Earth currently faces and use this time to take action against climate change, while honoring the importance of proper maintenance of the planet we live on.

This year's Earth Day Theme is “Invest In Our Planet”. We want to ensure that our main focus for this year's Earth Day is to activate everyone on doing their part in combating climate change. Now that restrictions are lifting, we can finally go out and attend events comfortably. So here are a few ways that your team and yourself can partake in to help fight the threats against our Earth!

Clean-up Day 🧹

Everyday, as we take a stroll outdoors, there is always a high chance of garbage scattered around. One major and common campaign that participants join to prevent this is The Great Global Cleanup. This worldwide campaign allows individuals or teams to register a cleanup in their local area. For this campaign, you will be asked to help clean up any litter or garbage that is cluttered around the neighbourhood. 

Members will also be rewarded for their participation based on the competitions held during this event! So let’s help cleanup our surroundings to live in a clean and pretty environment! 

Virtually Plant Trees 🌳

If you have an extremely busy schedule or are unsure of attending in-person events due to COVID-19, there are still a variety of ways to celebrate Earth Day virtually.

One easy but efficient way to celebrate this day is to virtually plant trees. What many organizations do is integrate our everyday online interactions with the ability and goal to plant a tree. An example could be, for every 45 searches on Ecosia, you would help them plant a tree.

Here is a list of different fundraisers that you can visit to help plant a tree:

Less Waste Competition ♻️

A fun way to celebrate Earth Day while also being a bit competitive with your team or yourself is to manage the amount of waste you use in your everyday life. Set a time range on how long you would like to record this adventure and compare the amount of waste you use with your team! 

To do this, you can try using reusable containers and eco-friendly products. Remember, you want to try to use the LEAST amount of waste possible!

Here are two virtual eco-friendly classes that we think will help you and your team prepare for this event:

Virtual Vegetarian Potluck 🥗

The meat industry is one of the largest contributors to air pollution. Although meat is an essential part of meals for some people, adding a few greens into your meal can help decrease the meat proportions of every meal you have, as you are adding a bit more to your plate. 

An idea to celebrate Earth Day with your peers is to schedule a hybrid friendly Vegetarian Potluck. Rather than sacrificing meat out of your meal for the meat-lovers, let’s take the time to share some vegetarian based dishes with one another! This event could be done virtually over a Zoom call, or a small gathering of your choice.

Terrarium Workshop

A fun way to celebrate this healthy and green themed day is to look into Terrarium Workshops! These workshops will have participants create small decorative glass bowls filled with plants of your choice. Many of these workshops will have individuals sign up and pay a fee in exchange for a small class that provides the needed materials as well having a craft expert teach you how to put together your own Terrarium. So let's join in the fun and start creating our own Terrarium decorations to spice up our offices or living space!

Learning and Resources ✏️

A great way to approach Earth Day is understanding and acknowledging the reasons behind this celebratory day. Learning the basic Earth Day facts is also a good reminder of what to do further into the future in order to continue our good efforts towards keeping our Earth healthy and alive! Sharing resources and learning about Earth Day can also be made into a kid-friendly event for the children of the working parents on your team!

Here are a few resources for you to go over, about the different impacts that have and could have been made on this special day!

Need a list of Earth Themed Gamed to end off this celebratory day? We got you covered. Check out and signup for these virtual mini games that you and your team can enjoy!

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