Creative Activities for Team Bonding 🎨

Creative Activities for Team Bonding 🎨

Why Creative Activities? 🖼

As companies slowly return to in-person work and events, arts & crafts activities are a great way to increase employee engagement and foster company culture.

  • Arts & crafts provide an excellent conservation starter for event participants. Employees have the chance to meet new people and bond over their creations before diving into other topics!
  • These events are inclusive for employees of all skill levels, as everyone is given the chance to learn how to create their own artwork.
  • While engaging in arts & crafts activities, employees can also have the opportunity to grab drinks and snacks on the side, all the while socializing with their peers.
  • These activities have the flexibility of being hosted at your office, or you could also host an offsite event at a local venue that provides the materials and lessons!
  • If your workplace is primarily remote, many of these arts & crafts can be done online and still engage your employees working from home.

Event Ideas 💡

With thousands of arts & crafts and DIY activities in existence, from jewelry making to tie-dyeing, the creative event options for your team are endless. Our team at Epoch has identified a few ideas to begin with:

  • Painting 🎨 — host a Bob Ross painting class or let your employees go freestyle on their canvasses!
  • Pottery 🏺 — your employees can make their own clay vases, bowls, mugs, and more, and even paint them during another session.
  • Hand Lettering 💌 — how good are your employees at calligraphy? Pretty handwriting doesn’t come to everyone, but a hand lettering class will have your employees stunning everyone with their new styles and techniques.
  • Origami 🦢 — learn origami basics and folding techniques to create origami designs such as cranes, unicorns, and more!
  • Chunky Blanket Knitting 🧶 — chunky blankets are a huge internet trend right now. Why not host a lesson for your employees to knit their own?
  • Candle Making 🕯 — host a candle-making class, where your employees will learn how to blend fragrance oils, prepare candle jars, and melt and pour candle wax.
  • Terrarium Workshop 🌱 — employees can brighten up their home or office space after learning how to design their own plant terrarium.

This list is by no means comprehensive: feel free to use your own creative event ideas, or ask your team for arts & crafts that they would like to create!

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