Celebrating Birthdays at the Workplace 🎈

 Celebrating Birthdays at the Workplace 🎈

Recognizing and celebrating your employees on their special day can make a huge positive impact on how your employees view their workplace. Better yet, having the opportunity to celebrate birthdays alongside fellow team members is a great way to foster a strong company culture! 

Our team at Epoch has come up with a list of virtual and in-person ideas to make your employees’ birthdays memorable. 


💙 Decide on a budget and keep it in mind when planning festivities

💙 Keep celebrations consistent and equal for all employees

💙 Gather employee information ahead of time (eg. sending out an employee survey during onboarding)

💙 Determine key celebration logistics: are activities virtual or in-person? Does every employee get their own birthday event or will there be one big celebration at the end of each month?

Virtual Ideas

💌 Send an employee care box including company swag such as T-shirts, coffee mugs, and water bottles.

☕️ Send them an electronic gift card for their favorite cafe.

🗳 Make a donation on their behalf to a charity of their choice.

🥃 Have multiple birthdays in the same month? Plan a virtual happy hour on Zoom with the team and learn how to make cocktails to celebrate.

🎞 Create a custom video with personalized messages from the team.

🧁 Order sweets, such as cupcakes, cookies, or donuts, to their home from a local bakery, or use an online delivery service such as Crumbl.

🎤 Gather the entire team on Zoom and sing the Happy Birthday Song! 

🍝 Email them an UberEats voucher and let them order their own birthday lunch.

In-Person Ideas

🎈 Decorate their office space with balloons, confetti, and streamers.

🍹 Organize a happy hour or birthday dinner with your team at a nearby bar or restaurant.

🎁 Surprise them with fun goodies at their desk, such as swag, candies, or chocolate.

🏷  Leave a note or birthday card on their desk signed by the entire team.

🍕 Have multiple birthdays in the same month? Throw an office pizza party at the end of the month to celebrate all employees together! 

👑 Give your employee a birthday hat or birthday pin to wear for the day.

🎂 Decorate the office lunchroom and offer cake for all employees to enjoy! Consider dietary restrictions at your workplace to accommodate everyone’s needs.

🌱 Arrange a team outing, such as a hike or walk, after work hours or on the weekend.

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