Month of Events - August 2024

Month of Events - August 2024

Explore August's special days and themes!

This calendar is a guide for you and your team to use as you plan meaningful, internal events and activities virtually, hybrid or in-person for the month of August. Bring everyone together this month to focus on celebrating National Wellness Month.

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Month Themes: National Wellness Month

August is National Wellness Month, dedicated to focusing on self-care, managing stress, and promoting healthy routines. This month offers a perfect chance to introduce specific wellness initiatives such as daily fitness challenges, nutritional seminars, and guided meditation workshops into your workplace. These targeted activities are designed to enhance physical and mental health, encouraging employees to adopt practices that contribute to their overall well-being.

August 2 - National Ice Cream Sandwich Day 🍦

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day is all about celebrating the delightful combination of cookies and ice cream.

Idea: Have an ice cream sandwich bar with different flavors of ice cream and cookies. Employees can mix and match to create their own unique treat.

August 3 - Watermelon Day 🍉

Watermelon Day is dedicated to summer's popular and refreshing fruit.

Idea: Supply employees with Watermelon during lunch. Or, take it a step further and host a watermelon festival at the office with various watermelon-based dishes and drinks. Add a watermelon carving contest to the mix for some extra fun! 

August 4 - National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day 🍪

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day honors America's favorite cookie.

Idea: Hand out cookies as a sweat treat for employees to indulge in. Or, organize a cookie-baking and decorating session. Offer a variety of chocolate chips for customization, including dark, milk, and white chocolate.

August 8 - International Cat Day 🐱

International Cat Day is a special day to appreciate our furry feline friends.

Idea: Encourage employees to share photos and stories of their cats in a Slack or Teams channel. Consider partnering with a local animal shelter for a virtual tour or adoption event.

August 9 - International Day of the World’s Indigenous People 🌍

 International Day of the World’s Indigenous People recognizes the cultures and contributions of indigenous populations around the world.

Idea: Host a webinar featuring indigenous speakers who share their traditions, challenges, and achievements. Include a virtual art show of indigenous crafts.

August 12 - International Youth Day 👦👧

International Youth Day focuses on the needs and challenges faced by young people in society.

Idea: Arrange mentorship opportunities where employees can volunteer to guide youth in their community. Or, consider organizing a panel discussion on youth empowerment.

August 14 - National Financial Awareness Day 💸

National Financial Awareness Day is a day to promote financial literacy.

Idea: Educate employees by providing a workshop on financial planning and management. Focus on topics like saving, investing, and budgeting. Check out our blog on budgeting strategies for employee events.

August 17 - Marcus Garvey Day 🎖

Marcus Garvey Day commemorates the influential Jamaican political leader and activist, who is important for his pivotal role in promoting Pan-Africanism and inspiring the global civil rights movement.

Idea: Organize a discussion or educational session on the life and impact of Marcus Garvey, focusing on his visions for African diaspora.

August 19 - World Humanitarian Day & World Photography Day 🌐📷

World Humanitarian Day & World Photography Day celebrates aid workers and the art of photography.

Idea: Combine these observances by hosting a photo exhibit showcasing the humanitarian work done by organizations around the world. Include a photo contest for employees.

August 26 - National Dog Day 🐶

National Dog Day is a day to celebrate dogs and an opportunity to promote adoption in your community. 

Idea: Encourage employees to share photos of their furry friends in your organizations Slack/Teams channels. If your team works in person, allow employees to bring their dogs to work and set up a pet treat making class.

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